Newborn Pricing



1 - 2.5 hour session
20-30 High Res images PLUS an online gallery for family to view for 2 weeks



Do you have a studio?

I do have set up my home to accommodate Newborn sessions, however most prefer I come to them (great if you've got toddlers or want to stay indoors in those early days/weeks! Warmth and light is really important when it comes to the Newborn sessions. I don't have a studio. 

Do we need to prepare anything for the Newborn session? What Props will you bring?

I have a selection of hats and blankets, headbands as well as several baskets. I bring along my baby posing bean bag and portable backdrop. My style is simple and natural, the focus is on YOUR baby, not props. I personally feel that simple photographs will stand the test of time and won't date as quickly. Further details about preparing for a newborn session can be found under the INFO tab on my website. 

Can siblings be included in the Newborn Sessions? Parents?

Yes! Absolutely. The newborn sessions are focused on the baby, but I can include some of the family at the end of the session if you wish (That includes Mum's and Dad's, Nana etc). If you have a newborn but would like to book a family session rather than a "posed" newborn session, then please discuss this with me prior.  

What happens to the photos that don't turn out? Can we see these? 

I handpick the sessions best images. Each of the images are retouched and enhanced based on my creative vision. This includes colour selection and black and white conversions. I only edit and release  images that I deem credible and professional, so images with eyes closed, duplicates, unflattering facials etc will not be shown and are removed from my archives.

You recommend newborns to be under 2 weeks for the session. I really want some photos taken, but my baby is now three weeks old. Can we still have them done? 

Yes! Absolutely . We can still get some beautiful shots. I also try my very best to pose your baby and get them to sleep for the session, and in most cases I  do have great success. In fact I've even had a 6 week old baby sleep through an entire session, - so please get in touch, it's never too late! 

What if my child is sick?

Please get in touch as soon as you think you might need to reschedule. I would prefer we reschedule, as sick children don't photograph well! 

What do you recommend we wear for the session?

I recommend plain T-Shirts or singlets for the newborn family/sibling shots, and bold colours for the family portraits. Avoid anything that has text or distracts from the background (ie Rugby Jerseys) but feel free to wear small patterns such a checks, and mix up the colours. Selecting a colour palette of 3-4 colours between the family members can look quite effective as well. 

I am happy to assist with wardrobe selection/styling and find that clothing choice can make all the difference when it comes to your family portraits. Please email me to discuss this. 

*prices may be subject to change